High School Programs

   Required Civics Test Study Guide

    Students are required to successfully pass a civics test prior to graduation.  To study for the test, please click on the link provided.


The H.o.p.e Project

Sweets For Vets

At ToughHer


What's the Hope Project?! 
The Pinnacle Hope Project is a grant funded program aimed at streamlining high school students into the healthcare field by giving them the opportunity to earn their CNA degree and participate in internships in various healthcare realms. The program is the brainchild of Roberta Hardy of Pinnacle High School and was directed by Zena Robinson in it’s first very successful year. The project’s goal is to graduate students that have an interest in continuing their education in healthcare while being gainfully employed as a CNA. Please feel free to like, follow, and share the page for updates on this year's Pinnacle Hope Project students!