Starting Date at Pinnacle:
      • August 2013

Number of Years Teaching:
      • This is my first year at Pinnacle High School.

      • Utah Valley University 1982-1983  
      • BS, Social Science Composite Southern Utah University, 2012     
Currently Teaching:
      • Utah Studies (1st hour)
      • Financial Literacy (2nd, 6th hour)
      • Geography/World Civilizations (3rd and 5th hour)
      • Team sports (7th hour)

About Me:
      • I am happy to make a living doing something I am passionate about. I love teaching and coaching, and my plethora of subjects are a blast. I grew up in Utah and enjoy teaching kids about this great state. I love sports, basketball, baseball, football, and running to name a few. I run marathons for fun, and still enjoy participating in team sports. Dream job besides teaching and coaching at Pinnacle would be as an NBA analyst or Coach the Utah Jazz. I have three beautiful children and I'm proud to be their father. I am an alive and happy person whose passionate about life!