Starting Date at Pinnacle:
      • August 2011

Number of Years Teaching:
      • I started teaching in my own classroom in 2009, at Nettleton Junior High School in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Go Raiders! After two great years teaching in the South, I was given the opportunity to teach at Pinnacle High School, here in Price, Utah. Go Panthers!

      • Level 2 Teaching License from the Utah State Board of Education
      • MSETP, Secondary Art Education~ Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR, 2009
      • BA, Studio Art Sculpture & Neuro-Linguistics~ Oakland University, Rochester, MI, 2006
      • Undergrad Studies: 
        • The College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, 2002-2003
        • Oakland Community College, Auburn Hills, MI, 1998-1999, 2001-2002

Currently Teaching:
      • I am thrilled to be teaching...
        • Art Foundations II
        • Sculpture
        • Painting
        • Electronic Media Art
        • Film-Making 
      • I am also a Faculty Advisor for the...
        • Art & Design Club
        • Dance Club

About Me:
      •   My last name is pronounced, "Chili", like the pepper. I am a first generation American citizen on my mother's side (Hungarian) and second generation on my father's side (mostly Italian). Originally, I am from a small gravel pit town an hour north of Detroit, Michigan.
      •   I love my family so much! Whether it's dancing with my beautiful wife or playing with my young son and daughter, when I'm not at school, they are my world! I enjoy teaching, making art, using spray paint, attending Church, speaking hungarian, cooking, hiking, rock climbing, reading, swing dancing, playing sports, rooting for Detroit sports teams, watching movies, listening to music, playing chess, using Apple products, and learning new things. Lastly, I will neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have an unhealthy fascination with the Astromech Droid, R2-D2.
      •   I'm an enthusiastic teacher! I love challenging my students and assisting them as they work out how to solve artistic and design problems. Seeing their "Ah-ha!" moments is inspiring! I run my classroom like a real, full-time art studio. We get down and dirty and we make stuff. It isn't always Picasso, but it is always fun! I believe that Fine Art for high school students should be an avenue for them to unwind, for self-expression, and for experimentation. I believe in providing a safe environment where they know that it's OK to try something new, fail miserably, learn from it, and progress. I want them to learn the process of making things and designing things. To anticipate and to calculate. I want them to learn how to think critically and to solve problems accordingly. I want them to come away with more self-confidence than they came in with and the knowledge that they can, if they will only try. We don't believe in, "can't". "Can't" never did anything and nothing worth it is easy. We play Bob Marley on Fridays, we laugh a lot, and we support each other. I look forward to working with you in the studio! WOOT! ~Cilli